Here at Bodysync Physio we’re proud to share our testimonials.

"I would happily recommend Bodysync Physio & Sports Injury Clinic. They have a great deal of experience with a wide range of professional knowledge and also because the physios are very caring with empathy towards their patients.

Several years ago I had serious orthopaedic surgery. I would credit Tricia for a great deal of help in my subsequent rehabilitation & full recovery.

I have been able to return to a lifestyle which I enjoy.

Tricia helps me to cope with the aches & pains (& occasional injury) which result from having a very active lifestyle."

John K (Business)

"I first started having treatment with Tricia back in 2011, suffering from a bad episode of vertigo. Via ongoing treatment I have not experienced vertigo since. I have also received treatment for torn calf muscles on both legs.

Tricia has been brilliant & has got my left leg back to full fitness. The right, having only recently been injured, is having ongoing treatment. Fitness in this leg has improved over a period of just 3 weeks, through weekly physiotherapy sessions with Tricia.

Tricia is always there for me, be it at the end of the phone or in person.

I would recommend her to friends & family."

K. Deffley

"Tricia has been a terrific help to a problem that I have had with my spine for many years. She has been great at releasing the stiffness at the top and lower part of my spine.

She is very good at giving me regular exercises to build in more movement and core strength, for long term relief and flexibility.

This has definitely helped to reduce the pain I have experienced for many years."

R. Masterson